Theodore (part one)

I thought my last post was a little on the large size so I thought I’d do this story in bite sized chunks. This is THEODORE.


Theodore loved being a part of the gang. Okay, so he wasn’t an integral part. They didn’t let him pick locks or chat up the marks. “Too nice” they’d say or he wasn’t nimble or quick enough. Well he was going to show them he could be a full member of the crew. Tonight he would show them all. It was Molly’s birthday soon and he was going to steal her a present she would never forget.
The building he was casing was a dull brown. It looked drab and unassuming in the driving rain but inside Theodore knew there was a treasure. He saw the entrance. The foyer shone brightly in the night with security cameras on either side of the glass double doors. From his vantage point he could also see the car park clearly. Only two vehicles left, an ancient rusty blue gas burner and a slightly newer canary yellow hybrid.
Every night he had been here, the same two cars were always there, and he knew they belonged to the night shift guards. He checked his internal clock, four AM, traditionally the time of least wakefulness for any human. The air smelled fresh; he loved the way the rain could make the world seem new again-even the rusty gas burner looked more attractive with the rain cleaning it.
Theodore slipped across the car park, keeping to the shadows. The area seemed deserted but it paid to be cautious… that’s what Molly always said. He’d decided the best way to get the guards out of the building was to create a diversion. Well, to be truthful he’d seen that on the Holovids and it always worked for them.
The two cars were parked next to each other which made it a lot easier for Theodore because he’d only brought one firework.He looked around, scanning the area before pushing the cardboard tube into the yellow hybrid’s exhaust. He couldn’t resist a giggle. He then lit the fuse and moved away at a quick pace back to his earlier hiding spot.

The explosion was a lot bigger than expected; the gas burner must’ve had a full tank because the blast wave bowled him over. It even charred a few whiskers on his face. Molly was not going to be pleased. As he picked himself up from the ground he saw two large men running out of the building towards the burning husks.
Success! Joy rose up inside him as he watched the men curse and wave their arms around helplessly. It was very funny. The gang was going to have to let him do things now. Theodore did a little dance of glee before picking up his sack and tools. Unfortunately there wasn’t time for him to sneak into the building. He’d taken too long enjoying the guards distress and they had gone back inside. He could see them watching the burning cars from the foyer. It looked like they were calling for help.

Darn it! Theodore almost swore. He had missed his chance. He’d better get out of here. The police would be here in force soon enough. He narrowed his eyes and decided to wait. It might be good to know how quickly they responded. Yes, maybe this could work to his advantage. He could always try again tomorrow.
It was very late by the time Theodore made it back to the house. They lived in an upmarket part of town. Molly’s father was a curator for the city museum. An important man. Molly was in bed asleep. Theodore had to dry himself off before sneaking in with her.
“Mmm you smell funny…” Molly’s eyes were closed but her nose wrinkled a little.
“Shhh, don’t worry about it, I just got caught in the rain.”
“Oh, okay.” She smiled, pulled him closer and kissed him on the head before turning away to fall asleep again.
Theodore relaxed, she hadn’t noticed his singed hair. He didn’t need to sleep and so he lay there for the rest of the night planning his next move.


Thanks for reading! Part two will be along shortly:)

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