First steps and first fiction.

It’s been an interesting week so far. My daughter has started walking! Sure, she’s slow and clumsy right now but it’s amazing to watch her face and she’s getting better and better.

What else… Well it seems that some people in the UK are so unobservant that we now need warnings in our supermarkets to stop people from eating Daffodils by mistake! Apparently they either look like onions or some Chinese vegetable. Yes that’s certainly a good use of  time. We also did some spring cleaning( did i say an interesting week? Hmm I should get out more)

I’ve also been trying to get my head around writing consistently. It’s not daily as yet but I’m getting some done. I only started writing last year and  was looking at some of the stories that I started off  with. I’m thinking I might post them in the order that they were written. Perhaps to see the progression(if any) that i’ve made in a year.

I’ve heard a lot of podcasts about writing and the process over the last year and I’ve heard that most writers do have a ‘trunk’ novel somewhere that should never be published. Well these stories are my first attempt to get a grasp on storytelling (and my grammar aint so great) so if you comment please remember that.


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